I Think I’ll Sleep Well Tonight.

  • I ate veggies, and grilled salmon.
  • I performed abhyanga using virgin coconut oil.
  • I had a few good laughs.
  • I exercised for 30 minutes, strength training and cardio.
  • I had raw cucumber juice.
  • I didn’t let myself get stressed at work.
  • I didn’t bring a lot of make up and self-care things things to work. I wasn’t anxious, I didn’t feel like I needed too many things to make me feel secure.
  • I walked around enough.
  • My scalp feels better after two nights of virgin coconut oil treatment.

Motivation for Wellness

Exercised on my own

  • no equipment
  • no loud music
  • with a calm show about wildlife in Honshu, Japan
  • cardio
  • squats
  • for arms
  • for butt
  • for core
  • for legs
  • sweaty
  • thirty minutes
  • circulation
  • warm from respiration and metabolism
  • cool with sweat
  • actively breathing with the pumping heart
  • non-violent

Eating mindfully again

  • enough amount to taste the delicious food
  • enough food to have nourishment
  • eating leisurely
  • with warm ginger lemon water
  • with cool water
  • no desperation
  • sensation of the calm body
  • no thoughts of having been deprived
  • security in availability of food

Doing this everyday I believe is the way for me.

Hunger on Hold

I got out of bed at 7:01 AM. I practiced wearing makeup. I listened to music, charged my electronics.

Then, I went to yoga for the 10:00 AM class.

It’s 12:44 PM. I’m sipping on an iced peppermint and lemon balm drink.

I haven’t eaten anything yet, and I feel calm.

I don’t have an appetite for anything specific, but I remember last night’s pizza, last night during my first ever Dungeons and Dragons game, and I just know I don’t want to eat pizza right now.

I feel like I have blinders on, preventing me from salivating for fast food outside the building of the yoga studio.

I don’t want to leave my seat yet at this salad bar.

I can wait a bit more before I eat. I still want to get my hands, feet and nails pampered before going home.

Happy Pigeon on Backbends Day

Easier Poses

  • Downward-facing dog
  • Legs in warrior II, one elbow resting on upper leg of the same side, other arm a 45-degree angle, hand pointed, torso twisted to the direction of the upper arm, looking towards the ceiling, shoulders squared, back not collapsing – Is this side angle pose? I internally say ahhhhhhh in this pose each time. I love this pose. We always leave this pose too soon.


  • In warrior II, I learned to pull the back arm back to square the upper body in a perpendicular setup with the back arm. That’s useful to know I’m set up right.
  • In half monkey, I learned I should inch the heel of my front leg further, and to hold the hips up higher, not close enough to almost sit on my back leg.
  • I learned that the key to pigeon for me is to slide a block under the front, folded leg, so the hips can rest, lowered to the ground. I was a regal pigeon today, compared to last session’s confused mess.

Needs Work

  • In lunges with the back leg and knee down, then the foot goes up when the knee bends and I have to grab that bent knee’s foot, I feel I have resistance for it, because my knee feels pressure, and I’m not sure if my parts are not collapsing. Others grab the ankle, and I manage only with the foot. It’s still disorienting.
  • My critical mind, questioning the quality of my wild thing pose

Special Mention Poses

  • Triangle, but with both arms up and in a 45-degree angle side bend with torso open facing the side wall
  • The supported seated backbend at the start of the class: legs folded inward, back resting on a the thin side of the block put sideways, head resting on a standing block, arms to the side
  • Camel pose, with hands held down on the heels
  • Rockstar pose: two feet on the mat, one arm down in reverse plank, one arm floating, pointing to the back of the room