Easy on the Shoulder

I went to vinyasa yoga class last Sunday morning. The anatomical focus: the shoulders.

By chance, I’d been suffering from discomfort on my left shoulder for a week due to a bad sleeping position. There had been a mild, constant pain for the first two days, and the sensation of cracking (or… popping?) bones when I roll the shoulder forward and back. Removing a sports bra required more care than usual.

The teacher approached me after class because she noticed in the middle of the session, I retreated to the hero seated position, rolled my left shoulder back, and grimaced. She also noticed that I modified some plank sequences by setting my knees down on the mat. I didn’t go on full plank because I had my period, which made my hips and belly feel extra heavy.

The left shoulder cracks less now, but punching the left arm forcefully still hurts, so I’ll rest it for two weeks, as advised by one of the gym coaches who specializes in physical therapy.

The seated posture while working in front of the computer is a probable cause, too.

Be it kickboxing, sleeping, or office work, I’ll observe ahimsa: non-violence.

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