Hips Day

The anatomical focus of yesterday’s class was the hips.

I need to review pigeon pose, because I’m not sure I’m doing it right.

I paced myself well.

My half moon pose could use some practice and review as well.

The class was packed, as students for hatha and vinyasa yoga were merged into one class.

Stuff I picked up during class:

  • If you’re a woman, you may want to take a mat behind a man in case you prefer not to be in the man’s line of sight in downward dog.
  • Examine your pants every once in a while in case it’s fraying near the crotch area.
  • If the room is packed, be conscious about making space for the people whose mats are near the wall. They’re going to need arm space, so move your mat closer to the center of the room.

I enjoyed the setting of intentions at the beginning of the session.

The mat I was on was near the window, and I could see clouds pushed by the monsoon wind.

I felt so present.

I remembered the past with fondness, and right there, I felt like it’s where I was meant to be.

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