Checkout from Tidal Wave Island

I am a tourist in the world of time.

Others have rushed me, delayed me, for their own intentions.

How I use my time is up to me, and I have forgotten this, because I have been trained to accept the chaos, and it has been too much for a long time.

At work, there is very little breathing time in between the many tasks that demand my attention and action.

I feel overwhelmed. My colleagues and I are all running our races, finishing the volume of complex work that comes at us like a tidal wave, everything all at once.

It’s one tidal wave after another, in an island we’ve signed up for.

It’s a situation we’ve gotten ourselves into.

We are free to leave, me and my colleagues. If we signed up, we can sign out, if we remain aware that we are visitors to this island, only its tourists, not its inhabitants.

The reality is that there are many islands, cities, countries out there, and this place is not where we were born, not the home of our citizenship.

This truth is hard to remember when you’re fighting for survival in a tidal wave island.

The first step to get out of the tidal wave state of mind is to dream of being in another island, safe and dry.

I picture enjoying the sun and beach doing nothing else in an island with a high and dry hotel, and decorate the view in my mind.

Dear benevolent Universe, I would like to reclaim my role as a tourist, a traveler, in the world of time.

I will spend my time as another version of me, in an island where it’s not about surviving tidal waves.

Published by Kim

An essential channel of energy on a journey of the heart

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