Hunger on Hold

I got out of bed at 7:01 AM. I practiced wearing makeup. I listened to music, charged my electronics.

Then, I went to yoga for the 10:00 AM class.

It’s 12:44 PM. I’m sipping on an iced peppermint and lemon balm drink.

I haven’t eaten anything yet, and I feel calm.

I don’t have an appetite for anything specific, but I remember last night’s pizza, last night during my first ever Dungeons and Dragons game, and I just know I don’t want to eat pizza right now.

I feel like I have blinders on, preventing me from salivating for fast food outside the building of the yoga studio.

I don’t want to leave my seat yet at this salad bar.

I can wait a bit more before I eat. I still want to get my hands, feet and nails pampered before going home.

Published by Kim

An essential channel of energy on a journey of the heart

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