Food Diary Week 1

The experiment was about adapting to any one of the less rigid types of vegetarianism. My body isn’t digesting all the veggie fiber so well after a week of definitely more veggies and just 20% animal products, so I’m going to allow myself all food types, just less processed and fast food, because rigidity doesn’t sit well with me.

What Went Well

  • Easy to combine kimchi with other vegetables in a meal
  • Edamame for protein
  • Low craving for meat

What Didn’t Go Well

  • Little options when I eat out with the family
  • I broke the rules of ovo lacto vegetarianism on a few non-special occasion meals

What’s Puzzling Me

  • What’s behind food addiction?
  • What can I do to manage my hunger?

New Ideas to Try

  • Cook something
  • Use a water intake tracking app and a food tracking app
  • Increase yoga session attendance to twice a week