Coffee & the Night Shift

Wednesday night at the office (sometimes I have face-to-face meetings): Drank coffee from 21:00 until after midnight, because I missed the office, and I missed drinking coffee at the office Stayed up until 5:00 the next day Slept length: 2:44 On Thursday night, I felt like a miserable ghost: tired and sad, whose only consolationContinue reading “Coffee & the Night Shift”

I Think I’ll Sleep Well Tonight.

I ate veggies, and grilled salmon. I performed abhyanga using virgin coconut oil. I had a few good laughs. I exercised for 30 minutes, strength training and cardio. I had raw cucumber juice. I didn’t let myself get stressed at work. I didn’t bring a lot of make up and self-care things things to work.Continue reading “I Think I’ll Sleep Well Tonight.”